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Dearest Shiniest Star by TanSugar
Dearest Shiniest Star
Dearest shiniest star...
I'm gazing at you from where you are
Even when you hide behind the cloud
I still hear your sweetest sound

Dearest shiniest star
I'm imagining about you...
A beautiful girl in pajama with lots of stars much more than two

And I want you to know that I miss you...


:iconsparklesplz: Uwahhhhhhhh HAPPY MERRY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST SIIIS Chibionpu :iconsparklesplz:

Now people, go and STALK her :iconimsopervyplz: //shots
She deserves lots of love because she is the kindest and sweetest person in the world :iconmahfeelzplz:
//and her beautiful arts will melt you like a jelly--- :iconheplz:  

Amggggg I miss you so so much dear :iconcryforeverplz::iconcryforeverplz::iconcryforeverplz:
 Thank you so much for always being my best sister in the world!!! :iconuhuhuhuplz: 
And ahaha so sorry for being away for soo long ;v; ) I got a little problem and decided to fade away for a while //__\\)//shots
Seriously, I always wanted to draw something precious for you ;--; ) so, I decided to draw your OC in her starry pajama :iconblushplz:
//also decided to add some sailor collar because I think that it looks so cutee //___\\) hope you don't mind sweetie ahaha ;v;
I wish to draw her in return for that beautiful art you gave me on my birthday :iconlazycryplz::iconlazycryplz::iconlazycryplz: 

Really love you and miss you so much waaah ;____; )
// I'm sorry for being a bit late through *sob*


Hello my dear people, I'm back XDD !! 
So sorry for being awaaaaaay for too long :iconpapmingplz: and yes, I already said it once lol

Ah...I'm so irresponsible :iconorzplz: .......

***** Btw, the starry sky is greatly inspired by megatruh 's arts //___\\)
//pls go visit her arts, they are super AMAZING!! *****



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I'm a creepy person okay?? :iconheplz:

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well hey people, how are you XD?
I'm terribly sorry for being inactive for really LONG time :iconpapmingplz:

Why the title name is OMG? :iconmingplz:
Because I got first tablet :iconmaniacscreamplz:!!!!!
ashdjjk aww guys I'm really happy ;A;
and It is a bamboo pen :iconmonkeyloveplz::iconmonkeyloveplz::iconmonkeyloveplz:

ah well, it makes my life easier ^^//eventhough my hands were shaking when I try to use it for first time lol :iconmingplz:

Bad new router is broken TvT I wont be able to use wifi from my computer for weeks until it's fixed :iconorzplz://I use my mom's phone to write this journal ;v;

I'll keep drawing but won't post much until my router is fixed ;A; //and I won't be able to reply every messages too :iconmingplz:

but still comes to dA for a daily check :iconheplz://shots

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